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Story by Montavious Goss and Patrick Booker


Opener: Almagest theme music.

Goss: The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority held their annual AKA week celebration on campus this week. They held events all week as they celebrated sisterhood and service to all mankind.

(AKA doing step show and chanting)

Fernecia Phillips: TE take over was a week that we brought back to LSUS and for it to be the first year that we brought it back since 2010 when we were first chartered I think it was a pretty great turnout. We started out the week with a tea with TAU epsilon ended the week with our flawless finally. We had great participation all throughout the week, and it was a blast to come out here and do our thing in front of everybody.

Goss: they closed this week with their flawless finale step show.

Goss: and now you know, I’m Montavious Goss from Almagest Student News.

Closer: Almagest theme music.