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Campus Improvements

by Morgan Pitner

{MORGAN}: LSUS IS STEPPING UP WITH MORE UPGRADES. THE FIRST THING ON THE LIST IS A NEW VETERANS RESOURCE CENTER. CONSTRUCTION WILL BEGIN IN THE BOOKSTORE FOLLOWING ITS RELOCATION. CHANCELLOR CLARK EXPLAINS MORE. {chancellor clark}:It will be the first time we’ve had a veteran’s resource center in one place. Right around the corner from that, where the existing bookstore is, that’s going to be the cyber-collabrotory. There will be a cyper-security lab, a robotics lab and should have a lot of opportunities for students to engage in discovery. {MORGAN}: THE CYBER COLLABROTORY IS NOT LIMITED TO JUST COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJORS, THOUGH. {chancellor clark}: Things from computer science to applied physics, and even things for example that a business major may want to come over and be a part of, forensic type of areas. {MORGAN} CHANCELLOR CLARK ALSO SAID LSUS’ WIFI IS CHANGING. {chancellor clark}: Now it’s incredible fast speed in terms of internet. {MORGAN}: DIGITAL ARTS HAS SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO, A NEW DESIGN THINKING AREA WHERE STUDENTS CAN COLLABORATE. VICE CHANCELLOR PAULA ATKINS EXPLAINS WHY THESE RENNOVATIONS MATTER. {vice chancellor paula atkins} primarily to make the student experience as positive as it can be. We have 5 levels of higher education, so it’s an extreme competition for students. So to remain competitive I think it’s important to stay on top of what the students want and to evolve with the needs of the students. {MORGAN}: AND NOW YOU KNOW, THIS IS MORGAN PITNER REPORTING, ALMAGEST STUDENT NEWS.