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With Flying Colors

Story by Monty Goss and Meghen Jones

Opener: Almagest theme song 

Goss: The pilots true colors shone through at the annual color run

Goss: This event was sponsored by the Student Activities Board and a great way for students new and old to meet and to get more accustom to campus.

Ray: I'm colorful, you know? I enjoyed myself I got a little tired running around campus you know? it was...(starts dancing) you know?

Goss: There were over 100 students who came out and left drenched in paint.

Turpin: It definitely shows how colorful LSUS is, as you can see I am covered in it, but it was really awesome and it makes me excited to be apart of it.

Goss: Many of the student organizations volunteered to be painters while most of the greek organizations participated in the run

Goss: The students definitely got a good view of campus while following the one and a half mile course.

Mcgill: We had a good time though, Its my second year here my first time doing it It was a fun experience (girl interrupts by walking through the shot)

Ray: Interviewing! (shocked look in their face) 

Goss: And now you know I'm Montavious Goss from Almagist Student News.

Closer : Almagist theme music