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by Shelby Willis

One of LSUS’ Bronson Hall classrooms has been transformed into a place where you can bring your ideas to life. On the first floor, you will find a colorful room named IdeaSpace. This classroom allows students to dive into their imagination and express their thoughts outside of their minds. Graphic Design professor Allen Garcie, the brains behind the project, holds his creative thinking classes in this classroom. He hopes this can eventually be a place where students can study and hang out together and where faculty can hold classes and events. Unique tables, televisions, and writing stations allow students to move around easily and work in different groups. Garcie hopes there can be a student worker in IdeaSpace at some point so students will have extended access for collaboration. While IdeaSpace is in use, it is still a work in progress with so many more ideas waiting to come to life! Now you know, I am Shelby Willis, Almagest Student News.