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LSUS Cross Walk Safety

Montavious Goss and Patrick Booker

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Goss: Rather be safe than sorry! Everyday, LSUS students must be alert when crossing the crosswalk to campus

Goss: Students, should be aware of oncoming traffic and avoid being distracted when crossing the street leaving class or University Court apartments.

Judson Young: When crossing the crosswalk here at LSUS students need to definitely keep their heads up. I can recall times where I've been on my cell phone of coarse, students when they get out of class they go straight to their cell phones to text their friends or get in touch with family members or to gwt in contact with people at their next destination. It was an incident where I almost got hit because I was on my phone looking down and the person who was driving was also looking down at his phone. Of coarse that should not occur but that could have been a bad accident luckily it wasn't and that is something that students need to very be careful 

Goss: Of coarse, students may believe they have the right of way but that doesn't matter when the driver can't see them

Goss: As for drivers, they should always come to a complete stop when students are at or near the crosswalk 

Goss: And now you know! I'm Montavious Goss from Almagist Student News

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