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LSUS IdeaSpace

Do you ever dream of a place where you can channel your inner thoughts and creativity? LSUS will soon have a space for you to do just that. On the first floor of Bronson Hall, a two-year old idea will come to life. Allen Garcie, the brains behind the project, hopes it is completed by the end of September. Allen Garcie teaches in the LSUS Digital Arts Program. His classes relate to graphic and web design and creative problem solving. Most of his creative problem-solving students are freshmen. Most assignments involve group work. This helps develop their collaboration, teamwork, and creative thinking skills. Garcie was pursuing his master’s as a Fine Arts student when he wanted to rediscover his creative side. That inspired him to start a creative thinking course. Garcie and colleague Jason Mackowiak teamed up and founded “Ideaspace.” They discussed this with faculty and LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark, which set their vision in motion. Ideaspace occupies one classroom, but Garcie hopes they can make expansions in the future. According to Garcie, he wants students, faculty and the community to tap into creativity. He says creativity tends to be limited to the arts, “but creativity is for everyone, and everyone can be taught to be creative.” Garcie continues to say that this space will help people to become more creative and better problem solvers. We look forward to Ideaspace becoming an inspiring feature of LSUS. Now you know, I am Shelby Willis, Almagest Student News.