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Tyler Moody ALUMNI Where are they now?

Story by Emmy Lamb and Morgan Pitner

Opener: Almagest theme music 

Tyler Moody: My name is Tyler Moody and I am a graduate of LSUS. What was really cool about my time as LSUS was that I got to do what I wanted. I didn't have to be something I wasn't. I had the chance to chase the dreams I wanted, and that was sports for me. Luckily at LSUS, we have a lot of great sports teams. Like baseball, a great soccer team and while I was there, I gained a lot of experience in the media industry in general. It can be very stressful but very rewarding and fun at the same time. We're growing. That's what you need to know about Will Broyles has started something that he believes can be a future outlet for news in Shreveport. In the future we are hoping to be an outlet that everyone turns to for not only sports, but also local news. Especially the politics here in the area because Real Shreveport stands for real news. We want the real news that's out there. 

Closer: Almagest theme music