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Viewing Of The Solar Eclipse

Story by Patrick Booker

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Booker: I sure hope you didn’t look up. LSUS students gathered outside the science building to see one of nature’s most fascinating sights. A solar eclipse, students were intrigued looking through the special telescopes setup for safe viewing as the moon shadow covered the sun. Only 80% visible students used solar telescopes and eclipse glasses to view the partially eclipse sun.

Crain Lucas: We have a partial solar eclipse-taking place here in Shreveport and we’re all out here on the LSUS campus with our telescope and our camera. This is the first eclipse in the US that has gone coast-to-coast in 99 years and it’s pretty exciting.

Booker: Although the historic moment is rare, the next event is April 18 2024. In seven more years Louisianans will be available to view a total eclipse of the sun.

And now you know. I’m Patrick Booker Almagest news.

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